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With the constant evolution of technology, real estate marketing is reaching new levels. The Internet has made properties readily available to find and view, inevitably easing the process for clients. Realtors can now take that ease a step further by not only providing photos, but drone videos as well. Because of this, drones have the potential to enhance your marketing in new ways. Here are some of the benefits drones present to the realtor looking to up their marketing game:

A More Realistic View

Pictures are great tools to give a client insight into a property. However, photos can be limiting in that they don’t convey the full experience. That being said, a drone video allows the client to feel as if they’re stepping onto the property themselves. They can in this way experience what it has to offer. This is particularly helpful in long distance situations where it may be inconvenient for a client to stop by for a tour. 

Appeal to More Clients

Drone footage is eye-catching and can most definitely have a positive impact on the overall marketing of a property. Sellers are more likely to work with an agent that takes that extra step. An agent also appears to be tech-savvy and up to date on the latest trends in the industry when using a drone in their marketing approach.  

Faster Property Sales

As mentioned above, drone footage adds more overall appeal. This increase in appeal can then translate to properties being sold at a faster rate due to the elevated interest.

Increased Transparency 

Aerial drone shots not only add eye-catching views to a property listing, but add transparency to the listing as well. When a client visits a property, they may not be able to fully evaluate certain factors. For example, a factor such as roof quality cannot be easily examined from the ground. This is where the aerial perspective of a drone can be of assistance. Another case where a drone would be useful would be with large acreages. A potential buyer can get a scope of the land and an overall better view. Increasing the ease in which these types of factors can be evaluated makes for an efficient and more transparent way for clients to review certain aspects of the property.

Less Photography Needed

With the use of drone footage, the need for photos decreases as the drone allows for a much more efficient way of virtually viewing a property.  The need for multiple photos of the exterior or even interior to capture the true character of a home become of less importance when the drone has the ability to make one feel as if they are actually present. 

As the world of real estate marketing expands, a drone is an ideal way for real estate agents to enhance their marketing strategies. Not only proving to clients that they are up to date with marketing trends and willing to go the extra mile, but also a delivering realistic and impressive approach to experiencing properties.

Know your government’s regulations

Regulations on using drones changes often so be sure to know the laws before flying a drone yourself or hiring someone.

Learn more about regulations at: https://www.faa.gov/uas/educational_users/

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